Supported Sartorius - Balances

A selection of supported Sartorius balances is shown in the following table.
If your balance is not contained, please feel free to ask Dr. Gerd Juhl

AC120S, AC210P, AC210S
BA61, BA110, BA110S, BA160P, BA210, BA210S, BA310, BA310S, BA610,
BA2100, BA2100S, BA3100P, BA4100, BA4100S, BA6100
BL150 opt, BL150S opt, BL310 opt, BL600 opt, BL610 opt, BL1500 opt,
BL1500S opt, BL3100 opt, BL6100 opt
BP61S, BP121S, BP150, BP211D, BP221S, BP301S, BP310P, BP310S,
BP410, BP410S, BP610, BP1200, BP2100, BP2100S, BP3100S, BP3100P,
BP4100, BP4100S, BP6100, BP8100, BP12000S, BP16000S, BP34000P
CPA26P, CPA64, CPA225D, CPA124S, CPA224S, CPA324S, CPA1003S,
CPA623S, CPA1003P, CPA423S, CPA323S, CPA223S, CPA6202S,
CPA5202S-DS, CPA4202S, CPA3202S, CPA2202S, CPA2202S-DS, CPA6202P,
CPA34001S, CPA, 16001S, CPA12001S, CPA10001, CPA8201, CPA34001P,
CPA5201, CPA34000, CP224S
ED224S, ED124S, ED623S-CW, ED623S, ED423S-CW, ED423S, ED323S-CW,
ED323S, ED153-CW, ED153,ED6202S-CW, ED6202S, ,ED4202S-CW, ED4202S,
ED3202S-CW, ED3202S, ,ED2202S-CW, ED2202S, ,ED822-CW, ED822,
ED8201-CW, ED8201, ED5201-CW, ED5201, ED2201-CW, ED2201
LA120S, LA220S, LA230S, LA230P, LA310S, LA420, LA620S, LA820,
LA1200S, LA2200, LA2200S, LA2200P, LA3200D, LA4200, LA4200S,
LA5200P, LA6200, LA6200S, LA8200S, LA8200P, LA12000S, LA12000P,
LA16000S, LA34000P
LC220S, LC420, LC620D, LC620S, LC620P, LC820, LC1200, LC1200S,
LC2200, LC2200S, LC2200P, LC3200D, LC4200, LC4200S, LC4800P,
LC6200, LC6200D, LC6200S, LC12000P, LC16000S, LC34000P
LP220S, LP420, LP620S, LP620P, LP820, LP1200S, LP2200, LP2200S,
LP2200P, LP3200D, LP4200, LP4200S, LP5200P, LP6200, LP6200S,
LP12000P, LP16000S, LP34000P
MC5, MC21S, MC210S, MC210P, MC410S
RC210D, RC210S, RC210P, RC250S
TE214S, TE124S, TE64, TE313S, TE313S-DS, TE153S, TE153S-DS,
TE3102D, TE1502S, TE612, TE412, TE212, TE6101, TE4101, TE2101,
TE12000, TE6100, TE4100

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