INFUSCALE operates with all laboratory or precision balances that can exchange data with a PC via an RS232-C port. A selection of supported balances is given in the table below:

Brand Models
Mettler AE, AB-S, AG, AM, AT, AX, ML, MS, MT, MX, PB-S, PG-S, PM, PR, SB, SG, SR, UMT, UMX, XP, XS
Sartorius AC, BA, BL, BP, CP, CPA, Cubis, ED, LA, LC, LP, MC, RC, SC, TE
Ohaus GA, GT, Adventurer Pro, Discovery, Explorer
Chyo MJ, MP, MK series
Precisa 300S, 360EP, 360ES, 321LT, 321LX, 321LS, 320XB, 165BJ series
Kern Precision balances PCB-3
A & D Weighing Ion, Phoenix (GH), Gemini (GR), Galaxy (HR-A), Orion (HR) series
Scientech Zeta Series

Other types operate with a PC as well or can be adapted on request. Please feel free to ask
Dr. Gerd Juhl