Supported Mettler - Balances

A selection of supported Mettler balances is shown in the following table. If your balance is not contained, please feel free to ask
Dr. Gerd Juhl

AE50, AE100, AE101, AE160, AE200
AB54S, AB104S, AB204S, AB304S
AG64, AG104, AG135DR, AG204, AG204DR, AG245, AG285DR
AM50, AM100
AT20, AT200, AT201, AT261DR, AT400, AT460DR
AX26DR, AX105DR, AX204, AX205, AX205DR, AX304, AX504, AX504DR
ML3002, ML4002
MS105, MS105DU, MS205DU, MS104S, MS204S, MS303S, MS304S, MS403S,
MS603S, MS802S, MS1003S, MS1602S, MS3001S, MS3002, MS3002S, MS4002,
MS4002S, MS4002SDR, MS6001S, MS6002S, MS6002SDR, MS8001S, MS12001L,
MS16001L, MS32000L, MS32001L, MS15KLIPE, MS24KLIPE
PB153S, PB303S, PB303SDR, PB602S, PB1501S, PB1502S, PB3001S,
PB3002S, PB3002SDR, PB5001S, PB8000S, PB8001, PB8001S, PB3001,
PB16001, PB16001DRE, PB24001DRE, PB32001DRE
PG203S, PG503S, PG503SDR, PG802S, PG2002S, PG3001S, PG3001SDR,
PG5001S, PG5002S, PG5002SDRE, PG8000S, PG12001S ,PG12001SDR
PM100, PM200, PM300, PM400, PM460DR, PM480DR, PM600, PM1200, PM2000,
PM2500DR, PM3000, PM4000, PM4800DR, PM5003, PM6000, PM6100
PR203, PR503, PR503DR, PR802, PR803, PR1203, PR2002, PR2003DR,
PR3001, PR5001, PR5002, PR5002DR, PR5003DR, PR8000, PR8001, PR8002,
SB3001, SB8000, SB8001, SB12001, SB16000, SB16001, SB16001DR,
SB24001DR, SB32000, SB32001DR
SG8001, SG16000, SG16001, SG16001DR, SG32000, SG32001, SG32001DR
SR8001, SR16000, SR16001, SR16001DR, SR16000, SR32001, SR32001DR,
SR64000, SR64001, SR64001DR
XP203S, XP204S, XP205, XP404S, XP404SDR, XP504, XP603S, XP603SDR,
XP802S, XP1202S, XP1203S, XP2001S, XP2002, XP2002S, XP2003SDR,
XP4001S, XP4002S, XP4002SDR, XP5003SDR, XP6001S, XP6002, XP6002MDR,
XP6002S, XP6002SDR, XP8001L, XP8001M, XP8001MDR, XP8001S, XP8002S,
XP10001S, XP10002S, XP10002SDR, XP12000M, XP12001M, XP12002M,
XP12002MDR, XP10002SDR, XP16001L, XP16001M, XP16001MDR, XP20000M,
XS203S, XS403S, XS603S, XS603SDR, XS1003S, XS802S, XS2002S, XS4002S,
XS4002SDR, XS6002S, XS6002SDR, XS4001S, XS6001S, XS8001S, XS6001M,
XS6001MDR, XS10001M, XS16001M, XS10000M, XS16000M, XS8001L,
XS16001L, XS16000L

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